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Black Hole Cold Trap


Why The Black Hole


The Black Hole is a high conductance, low impedance cold trap specifically designed to overcome the failures of other cold traps on the market and addresses problems associated with traditional “annular cold traps.” Using high-performance materials like food grade Teflon coated aluminum (which is 16 times more thermally conductive than Stainless Steel) paired with our patent pending technology, we have created the most efficient way to condense moisture and terpenes during the distillation process or between vacuum ovens and pumps. The Black Hole can be used to protect your vacuum pump, or as a cryogenic condenser designed to capture volatile compounds that often pass through a traditional cold trap. 

The vast majority of cold traps (and condensers) used have condensing surfaces that allow for condensate to freeze to the surface, greatly reducing performance. In addition, they are designed solely to protect the vacuum pump and can substantially tax achievable throughput in the process. 

Black Hole

The Black Hole can be manufactured with a variety of vapor fittings from KF-10 up to a KF-50 or 1”-2” Tri-Clamp. This next-generation trap has a specialized hydrophobic surface finish and topology that encourages condensation and draining of condensate, reducing the chance of sticky frozen terpenes taxing performance.

Application and use

The Black Hole is “plug and play” and can be used between any vacuum oven and pump. It can also be used during the distillation process to collect the terpenes. 


The Black Hole will easily integrate into your existing setup by connecting it to an LN2, CO2, or Glycol chiller.


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