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Why The Iron Fist


The Iron Fist is the most innovative and revolutionary method to one of the most important procedures in processing, column packing and unpacking. The current industry standard is to pack the extraction column by hand or use socks which are time-intensive, labor-intensive, inefficient, and messy. The Iron Fist solves these issues AND increases the total amount of material per column by between 50% to 100% if desired but not necessary. With tighter, more uniform packing the result is less solvent channeling, and percent yield increases from 1 to 3%. This can potentially double your operation’s output.


The Iron Fist works best when using hydrocarbon extraction systems, mainly due to the ease of accessing both ends of the extraction column.

Iron Fist

What’s included

Included with the Iron Fist is the hydraulic pump which can run up to 4,000 psi. With most packing, you will generally only need 1,000 to 1,200 psi. If desired additional 18” hopper columns can be added to make packing much easier.

Application and use

Simply load your columns with as much material as desired. When finished loading, run the Iron Fist device to evenly compact the material. Repeat this process until your column is full. Once extracted, connect the Iron Fist to your column and push the material out with the ease of a button.


Depending on your lab’s setup, the Iron Fist can be integrated in a variety of methods:

  1. If your columns have the capacity to detach from your extraction system, the Iron Fist can be moved and placed anywhere in your lab depending on where and how you load your columns.
  2. If your columns are connected to your extraction system and cannot be detached the Iron Fist can be placed on top of the column and removed by hand or can be hung from the ceiling.

The Iron Fist is designed to comply with two sizes of columns; 48” and 36”, but can be custom built to fit any desired column length and diameter.

Product Features

  • Effortlessly pack columns with 0-100% more material. User controls how much material to pack by adjusting hopper column (not included) length and/or packing force applied.
  • Evenly distributes cross-sectional packing pressure for uniform solvent distribution, reducing solvent channeling.
  • The biomass remains compacted after it is unpacked minimizing waste volume. Latent solvent not recovered, remains trapped in the packed material during removal, reducing fire danger.
  • Encases the column when in use, reducing airborne particles in accordance with occupational safety and health standards.
  • Removes wax, lipids, oils, etc. from column walls with each use. The biomass scrubs the column walls clean as it’s pushed out through the extraction column.
  • Double-acting cylinder extends and retracts.
  • Hand-held remote for easy operation.
  • Can be used in any orientation.
  • Easily adaptable to different column diameters with additional Plunger and Flange set. (sold separately)
  • Hydraulic oil is USP Grade NSF 3H, H1 registered, and complies with FDA CFR 172.878 3H.
  • Food grade stainless steel construction, user manual, 1-year warranty, and made in the USA.


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