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OD-28 (ODIE)


Why The OD-28


The OD-28 “Odie” decarb cold trap was developed in partnership with Cascade Sciences with the purpose of collecting terpenes during the decarb process. Using high-performance materials like food grade Teflon coated aluminum (which is 16 times more thermally conductive than Stainless Steel) paired with our patent pending technology, we have created the most efficient way to condense the moisture and terpenes from the decarb oven. This technology maximizes the abilities of your CDO-28 decarb oven and helps your overall operation be more productive and with higher quality products.

By creating a closed-loop system on your CDO-28 decarb oven, Odie simultaneously collects moisture, hydrosol and valuable terpenes normally expelled from the oven’s exhaust. The Odie recirculates the dryer, cleaner air back into the oven’s intake with every pass, reducing drying times and removing more overall moisture. Dryer material means higher percent yields when processed. This increases efficiency and produces higher quality products in less time.

In addition, the Odie also solves odor challenges within the lab and surrounding area. Clients that process in sensitive areas, need a solution for mitigating the odor being expelled into the air. By recirculating the air, Odie eliminates more than 90% of the odor normally released from the oven by condensing it into a liquid.


What’s included

The Odie includes a chiller and CDO-28 decarb oven rack, oil-water separator, and all required hardware for installation.

Application and Use

Odie is specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with your CDO-28 decarb oven to catch nonsoluble and soluble terpenes and hydrosol during the decarb process.


Install the included rack on top of your CDO-28, hang the Odie off the end of the rack, connect the necessary chiller plumbing and ventilation ducting (included)


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