FAQ - Decarboxylation


What is Decarboxylation?

  • All cannabinoids contained within the trichomes of raw cannabis flowers have an extra carboxyl ring or group (COOH) attached to their chain.
  • TetraHydroCannabinolic Acid (THCA), has a number of known benefits when consumed as THCA, including having anti-inflammatory and neuro-protective qualities.
  • THCA is not intoxicating, and must be converted from THCA through a decarboxylation process into THC before any intoxicating effects can be felt.
  • So it makes sense that, THCA, is the most abundant cannabinoid present in items that have not been decarboxylated (e.g., cannabis flowers and cold concentrates).
  • Large quantities of terpenes can be lost during the heating processes of decarboxylation.


I was hoping to put dried herbs in the oven at low temp, and extract the terpenes. Which trap do I need?

  • The CF-1000 can operate down to 0.005 Torr (0.67 Pa, 0.0001 psia, -29.92 hg) and up to 2590 Torr (344738 Pa, 50 psia, 72 hg).
  • If you are using multiple vacuum ovens or an oven larger than 2 cubic feet we recommend the CF-1000
  • The CF-1000 uses KF-25 connections.