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Our Products


Scientific 710’s products add value to your existing extraction system by automating, creating new revenue streams, increasing the quality of your end products, and eliminating the unnecessary constraints that are plaguing your lab.  They have sped the evolution of the industry by pushing through outdated ways of processing. All products use the highest performing materials and were formulated in our lab.  


Iron Fist

The Iron Fist column packer can double throughput productivity and increase percent yields by 1-3%


The OD-28 (Odie) connects to your CDO-28 decarb oven and produces dryer material which increases yields, as well as captures valuable terpenes during the decarb process


Black Hole

The Black Hole is a cold trap that can be used to protect your pump, or as a cryogenic condenser designed to capture volatile compounds that often pass through a traditional cold trap

Rotating Vacuum Oven

The Rotating Vacuum Oven is the most revolutionary way to dry all sorbent powders, molecular sieves, CBD isolates, and concentrates while freeing up your vacuum oven space