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Why The RVO-40

The revolution in Vacuum Drying is here. Unforeseen in the cannabis space, the RVO-40 eliminates another bottle neck that plagues labs around the world.  Using patent pending technology, Scientific 710 has developed a way to rotate and agitate your sorbent powders while keeping them under vacuum.  No more setting your filter media in trays and hoping to get it partially dry while taking up valuable vacuum oven space. With the help of the RVO-40, processors are capable of drying 25lbs of any media in a 24-hour period AND can remove even more moisture than ever before. The less moisture the more effective the remediation process. 

Comparing the drying capabilities of the RVO-40 to conventional vacuum ovens is like comparing two dimensions to three dimensions. In a conventional vacuum oven, you are drying one surface of the material at a different rate then the other surface. This leads to uneven amounts of moisture in the media and isn’t effective.  When the media is being rotated and agitated the entirety of the powder is being dried leaving no moisture behind. The result is dryer media that will help produce a higher quality concentrate.  

The RVO-40 is manufactured out of high-quality food grade US stainless steel, right here in the USA. 


What’s included

Vacuum Oven and all required hardware for set up. “Vacuum pump sold separately” 

Application and Use

The RVO-40 is specifically designed to dry your sorbent powders, isolates, concentrates, and mulsives in a vacuum environment while simultaneously rotating and agitating the substance.  


The RVO-40 is designed to fit on any tabletop surface or dolly. Pair with the vacuum pump of your choice, plug in, add your desired amount of filter media (or other substance) and let the RVO-40 do the rest.


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