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Innovation | Efficiency | Production

Innovation | Efficiency | Production


Our Products

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Iron Fist

The Iron Fist column packer can double throughput productivity and increase percent yields by 1-3%


The OD-28 (Odie) connects to your CDO-28 decarb oven and produces dryer material which increases yields, as well as captures valuable terpenes during the decarb process

Rotating Vacuum Oven

The Rotating Vacuum Oven is the most revolutionary way to dry all sorbent powders, molecular sieves, CBD isolates, and concentrates while freeing up your vacuum oven space

Black Hole

The Black Hole is a cold trap that can be used to protect your pump, or as a cryogenic condenser designed to capture volatile compounds that often pass through a traditional cold trap

Why Scientific710?

Scientific 710 always puts the needs of our customers first. We built our business around solving the challenges that our customers face, using creative solutions, and helping them integrate those solutions into their existing operation. We pride ourselves in the relationships we create, our ability to improve our customer’s productivity, and our continued dedication to making the industry more efficient.

What Do Our Users Say?

Best tools on the market!

I’ve noticed my yields going waaay up! From going from 5lb per 6×48 to 10-15lbs! 2-3% on average yield so far. Thank you!! That’s being conservative too. So awesome!

– J.S.

As far as figuring out how much material you can fit in yourcolumns it’s double what ever you can hand pack that’s guaranteed, you just need a hopper column that works with your volume.

– M.J.F.
Absolutely the best products available at the moment! The team is great to work with and happy to provide individual help.

– T.W.

Great yields!!! The Scientific710 team was very helpful during purchasing and setup as well. I would definitely recommend giving them a call.

– A.K.

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